Quantum Somatics is a concept to convey the visionary aspect of the work.  The possibilities beyond knowledge to assist the body to restore flow, harmony, and homeostasis. Being a strong kinetic empathy from birth, it is effortless for me to work in this domain.  I studied Craniosacral Therapy as it is the closest modality that merges the Principals of touch-bodywork and distance healing.

Flow reflects my style of teaching energy work as well as the way I approach supporting my clients in their journey of being in the moment, communicating with our whole being.  The resonance we create and hold in this inner fous creates intense sensations, images, and powerful knowing for each individual and allows the transformation we desire to be effortless.  In private sessions and in my workshops the focus is to allow your uniqueness to shine, giving us a creative and inspired platform to respond to from moment to moment.

My students and clients, many of who are well seasoned practitioners of multiple modalities or curious laypersons with no healing arts background, mostly agree that their understanding and ability to perceive energy has been enhanced and deepened by what they experience in the workshops and sessions using the principles of Quantum Somatics.

My innate aptitude in the field has taken me on a journey of learning and experiencing many healing modalities.  I have studied with many wonderful teachers who embody and freely share their knowledge.  They are truly the masters of their craft and gifted teachers.


Many years of Craniosacral Therapy with Valerie Kemp and Howard Jones.

Remote Viewing with Ehan Deravy

Transformational, Holotropic, Circular Breathwork : Similar to Stanislav Grof, with

Valerie Kemp, Nan Blake.

Three in one concepts “one brain” with the one and only Carolyn Bickerstaff

Lymph Drainage with Dr. Bruno Chickly

Studied Brain Therapy,  Dr. Bruno Chickly

Volunteered with Dr. Peter Centre, Vancouver B.C.