Trying to suppress or eradicate symptoms on the physical level can be extremely important, but there’s more to healing than that; dealing with psychological, emotional and spiritual issues involved in treating sickness is equally important.
Marianne Williamson

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* One 90 minute session : $100

* Six Sessions : $540 – Valid for 9 months

* A remote healing session : $70

* A 30 minute guided session via phone / skype : $60

* Holotropic Group Breath class : $40 ( 2.5 – 3 hours )

* or $300 prepaid for 10 weekly classes.



In sessions, encompassing many dimensions simultaneously, I work with the individual very much like a conductor, orchestrating the music of the conscious and subconscious cellular level body energetic into a harmonious symphony of well-being.

The inner knowing and assurance of how to be there for another is similar to what other natural born healers and shamans have expressed to me along the journey.

Each person who comes to me is a new discovery. I am there, fully present, ready to follow the unfolding transformation directed by the wisdom of their body/soul, intent set, instinctively, confidently facilitating the process however it needs to unfold.

A clients treatment might also include other therapies that could compliment the process; such as nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies or personal reading / guidance.  Keeping a close association with scores of amazing healers who specialize in these specific areas whom I can consult and refer out to.

When a person commits to a path of natural medicine, usually one of the first things that happens is that the body purges toxins, poisons, virus’s and bacteria that have been laying dormant in the body in a phenomenon called a healing crisis.

It is the same with spiritual health.  When a person commits to a spiritual path, the soul begins to purge that which is toxic to spiritual health.  So we may experience bursts of apparent chaos which might seem to be negative.  This can cause us to doubt ourselves and the efficacy of the path we have chosen.

I am a member in good standing with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association. ( NHPCA)

Piroska Sandor ~ 778-737-3392 ~ SKYPE: redrose33.6