Individual Session Testimonials

As a Registered Massage Therapist I have experienced Piroska Sandor’s Integrated Body Therapy and found her to be very professional and skilled. Piroska’s respectful energetic work has been some of the most profound I have experienced? in many years. Her authentic integrity and caring approach would prove beneficial in any setting. As a teacher and therapist I can confidently recommend piroska’s Integrated Body Therapy in any professional health care settings. Carol-Anne Bickerstaff BA, RMT, CCH www.bickerstaff.ca May 12 2000

Piroska, Thank you for being such an angel. The treatment you give did help my frozen shoulder. It is not prefect but have lot more movement and much less pain. I slept for 8 hours last night which I have not done since I hurt my shoulder. I’m so happy to met you. I hope to see you very soon. Karen, Emotional Release Kinesiologist January 2000

It has been over a year since your workshop I attended. It finally came to light today while I was at the Dr’s office as to what you meant when you asked me if I wanted to share what happened when I was a teenager. My mom committed suicide when I was 13, but you probably already knew that. My Dr. started asking me about my mom and almost started to cry and then I thought of you and the first time we met.

That is why I am the way I am – not a bad person, but I don’t open up in front of people, very rarely cry in front of people and stay away from relationships or I end them right away. If you had ‘pushed’ me at the time I would have left the workshop.

Deep down I have the feeling that if I open up to the person or be vulnerable, I just end up being hurt, they going to leave me or whatever. I don’t know, but today I sure felt a need to open up more and trust people more than I usually do. It is something for me to work on.

I just wanted to say thank you, it was as if you were sitting right there with me today and it all came together for me. Thank you for not sharing what you saw/sensed in the workshop and letting me just be, allowing me to come to it myself when the time was right. Your steady e-mails since the workshop, although seemed unrelated, slowly paved the way for today. With gratitude, Debby, Shiatsu Therapist, healer September 2004

Piroska, I have experienced a great change in my inner-self with the six sessions I had. It was a new awakening. The fatigue and deep tension has finally passed. I feel free and lifted. I now see things with different eyes and a new outlook on how I can help myself. I love the new awareness of energy in myself and others.

I’m confident that I will continue practicing what you thought me. I’m very excited… it is a journey that will be truth. I have a desire to reveal more layers, grow, expand, trust…. see the truth. The sessions were one of the best things that happened to me and it is life changing. I feel empowered, inspired and with the new awareness I found I can do a lot of my own work. Thank you very much Piroska, Kaytlin Borgen, Actor

I saw Piroska for six sessions in December 2004. Below are some of the most obvious results of my time with her.

First, my right lower back was sometimes sore and stiff, just when standing too long or trying to stretch in a certain way. I have not felt any discomfort in my back since I started to see Piroska since last December.

Second, as a result of a car accident my neck has been a problem for me for the last 20 years. it was always very stiff, has very limited movement and prone to seizing up and turning me into a lopsided, knarled plank with migraines. Although Piroska worked on me a year! ago and had amazing results -no more seizing up -
I still babied my neck and headed off any problems with a quick dose of anti-inflammatory. Since this last group of sessions with Piroska I haven’t used an anti-inflammatory for my neck nor have I been as careful with my neck. It seems looser; it’s movement more free. I once played ball tag in the pool and even tackle football with the kids without any problems.
I purposely waited two weeks since my last appointment to see if it remained the same and so far everything is great.

Third, it used to be so difficult for me to wake up in the morning. There was always something pulling me back to la-la land. Even when my body was up it still felt like my mind was asleep or at least trying to get me to go back to sleep. Now I wake up clear headed and 15 seconds later I’m still awake without any effort. In fact even on those days when I have the time to go back to sleep and want to because it is so snug and cozy – I can’t. A new experience for me – energy first thing in the morning.

Fourth, Piroska gave me a new awareness of my body – a better understanding of how energy flows and how my mind and body functions. She led me along providing feedback and positive reinforcement around trying to learn from her. Now on the couple of occasions when I slept in a funny position or yanked my neck I stop, relax and focus my energy in that area of my body in a specific way. What I learned from Piroska will now be a part of how I understand and look after my body and for that I especially thank her. Monique Lunde

I began my sessions with Piroska on the recommendation of my movement teacher. I bought a six session package.

1) I was a little nervous I didn’t know what to expect. After she give me a bit of a massage I started to relax more and more and was able to fall back and focus on the work. The first session was the strongest – emotionally, when Piroska put her hands on my liver I felt a very strong energy coming across. The first session was more of a feel into this area of “energy work”. During the first week my back lost most of it’s tension and my stomach relaxed more, felt a little dizzy during the week, but generally felt really good and full of energy.

2) The second session to be honest, I can’t remember too well, I think we focused on my upper back and tried to figure out where my stomach tension came from. During the week after the second session I felt really heavy and depressed. I started to fall asleep a lot during class and was just completely out of it most of the time. I had massive headaches too.

3) In my third session Piroska helped a lot with the headaches, they left completely and slowly I got my energy back. I started to remember a lot of things and through Piroska I was able to feel my own energy, ‘control’ it and pain, over all I started to relax.

4) This session didn’t work too well. I couldn’t really focus on everything. Even though it felt like the session did not work too well, it did, my head and neck started to feel more connected to each other, I felt more in tune with my body, was in a better mood over all, yet I had a crazy appetite which made me want to eat. Instead Piroska told me to drink more water – which helped.

5) This session, was weird, I had weird visions of death and got a little scared. But because I was so deep in it, I wasn’t scared at the time of the visions, but later thinking about it. I told Piroska about it in the next session.

6) During the week I felt as if I was done already, and I didn’t need sessions any more. Yet the last one was the most efficient one – it kind of closed everything, “I can do the rest type of thing”. A true journey through my being with me in the driver seat. Everything Piroska did was honestly – phenomenal. I don’t know what else to say – it helped me so much I can’t even describe it. Mentally, physically and emotionally I feel more in tune and more “there” than ever. The only thing I have personally liked more is more massages – yet I didn’t need them, so I didn’t ask for it either. Everything was great. Nada, Actor, April 2005

Workshop Testimonials

I very much enjoyed my weekend with doing the Quantum Somatics with Piroska. Prior to the weekend I felt very stressed and quite skeptical about life. The upcoming weekend was something I was doing to keep my wife and friends happy. After then weekend I felt a weight had been lifted from me. I still feel relief and very positive about life and my future. As a group we experienced the power of healing and that we all have that power.

The holotropic circular breath we did each morning was very enlightening and refreshing. I would recommend that everyone should experience this workshop, you will come away a more healed, whole person. Kevin R. oil production plant operations, October 2004

I did not realize how much emotion we hold in our bodies until I was a participant in this course. As a Christian I have a very strong relationship with Jesus. We have been on the journey of healing my emotions and physical symptoms effecting my body. I was badly injured in a motor vehicle accident and now experiencing greatly improved range of motion in my neck and greater flexibility in other areas. Thanks Piroska. Joanne M. Singing Teacher October 2004

The holotropic circular breathing experience we did each morning opened up a new dimension or me in terms of my work and personal growth. I have begun to integrate some of the energy work into my massage practice. Thank you for your help and guidance. I look forward to studying with you again in the future. I have a really good feeling about this and the direction it is flowing! Marvin Milner massage therapist, May 2004

I very much enjoyed participating in Quantum Somatics with Piroska. I felt an amazingly strong connection to the other people in the room. Real bond of PURE love. Even better was the connection with god. A total pure acceptance of myself as I am. Perfection. Wow. Piroska enabled me, a loner, to really connect. I felt totally safe with her leadership. I’m really looking forward to getting together again. Therrill Thesen October 2004

Note: Soon after this workshop Terrill enrolled in massage therapy school and graduated in 2006

I was very impressed with the whole weekend!
I was amazed of how you held the energy of the group together. You always seemed to know when someone truly needed help, and were available and knowledgeable with that help. I never felt rushed through anything that I was ready to work through. That in it self is amazing! Thank you for a wonderful weekend, many opportunities and so very much healing. Coreen Town, Reiki master, artist May 2005

This was an astounding experience! The breathing experience takes one to a whole new level of consciousness and Piroska guides one through these experiences. I will sure to come to the next class when you come back. Thank you. Gwen Wood, Technical Assistant, May 2005

The purpose of taking this class for me was for myself – for learning – healing, and I think I have achieved these goals. Thank you. I would do it again. Nicole Kerby, Salon Owner, May 2005


They Said It Couldn’t Be Done…
Applying The Principals
Of Quantum Somatics For Myself

A broken elbow came at the worst time possible. In two weeks I was facing a move to a new place and as promised to my landlord, I had to repaint the place to it’s original eggshell. The x-rays showed the top of the ulna had split into 4 pieces at the elbow joint. The doctor said each piece had to be pinned to assure proper healing and the regaining of full mobility of the elbow. This of course came with a long recovery time that I was not prepared for.

I told my doctor that this was not an option and that I would go home and try something and be back in three days for another x-ray. If my efforts failed then we would proceed with his plan. He warned me that recovery time could lengthen if I allowed the swelling to increase because surgery on swollen tissue causes more tissue damage and that a broken bone can’t be repaired with wishful thinking, most certainly NOT in a few days. ‘Wishful thinking’ was his phrase at the time for quantum level healing.

As I went home I thought about how things had been in the last 2 or 3 months. What had been my inner dialogue? How had I orchestrated this? I was under pressure and stress and I wished I did not have to deal with what was on my plate at the time and I kept repeating; “I can’t handle this, I need a break!”

Well I got it! I broke my arm. The truth was I could have handled what I had to deal with, I just didn’t want to.

As soon as I understood that, I called Maria, a very good friend of mine to help me. She is also a natural born healer, who has never taken a day of class in her life in the healing arts. The two of us could generate more power than I could alone and she has no fear and possesses unshakable faith. She was the perfect choice as I knew she wouldn’t be telling me to ‘be reasonable and get the surgery’ or ‘take it easy and let the Doctor do it for you’. I knew she would believe me that healing is possible with certainty.

I explained to her what the damage looked like, how it happened and that when it begins to repair, it will move, and then we’ll just follow the guidance of the elbow. Going with our mind right to the bone we visualized it move back into place creating an electrical storm at the site of the break lines.

Maria came once a day for 3 days and I also worked on the elbow myself at regular intervals throughout the day. I also promised myself to take it one day at a time and get rest until things became more settled. It was great to have a like-minded partner who could provide extra juice and in turn she used this learning in her healing work as well.

When I got the new x-rays 3 days later, all the pieces where back together. A full 6 days after the break I was back to work providing massage, and at the end of the month I painted and moved. Through this experience I also understood the awesome power of emotional charge. As far as I was concerned it had to be done, it had to work.

Energy Can Have An Odor…

During my practice I have had some wonderful discoveries. One of which was that you not only can see and feel energy but you can also smell it. In one instance I was treating a delightful lady in her 80′s.

She was so curious about this work and was wonderful at listening to the sensations created by the inflow of energy into her body. It was a delight working with her. After her 2nd treatment and after her participation in a Quantum Somatics workshop, I was sensing that she was recalling something that happened some time ago. I remained silent and kept holding her sacrum. After a big sigh, a pocket of aroma came from her belly that was a mix of old blood and new baby smell. She then told me on her own, that after the birth of her last baby she had a very bad infection. When the energetic component of this left her, she felt lighter, more fluid with a sense of completion.


In another case, an ‘A’ type personality Natasha who was referred by a friend for ‘relaxation’, had no idea what to expect. She looked liked a total picture of health but with back pain totally unresponsive to anything. Natasha was fit and looked like she was in her 20′s. She was a bit fidgety and it was hard for her to be still. The concept of inner listening or feeling the energy was completely foreign to her and when I invited her to try, she was a good sport and gave it a great effort but was unsuccessful.

45 minutes into her session I was holding her on the lower lumbar and sacrum area when a smell that I perceived to be an epidural chemical hit my nose. I did not know, but I was sure it was that.

I asked her when she had an epidural? And why? I found out she was not only well into her 40′s but also had given birth to 3 children and each time an epidural was used.

Her back pain slowly disappeared over the next few days; never to come back.